Thursday, 22 January 2015

How to Go For Development Of Responsive Webdesign

Since the advancement of mobile devices in recent times, it has become a must to have responsive design that serves on most of the mobile platforms. Businesses with just a desktop site have started planning to develop a responsive design that can work across all the possible platforms. According to Google it is mandate to have a responsive design to get oneself rank higher in the search engine.

However, there are key points to focus, while going responsive:

Website content:

It is important to go with the content that was generated years ago and haven’t been updated since. Hence, it would be good to take time out and go through the site and pin out the content and other functional areas that needs an update.
The next step should be to prioritize the content, meaning the important message or information about the site should be moved to the top of the page for clear visibility on a mobile device. Mobile users don’t have much screen space, and it’s frustrating to explore the entire website searching for important information. Therefore, it is crucial to identify high priority and informative content areas and make it easy to find and risk losing a visitor or a potential client.

Support for older browsers:

Responsive design is based on new CSS techniques that are not supported with older browsers, like Internet Explorer 6 and older. There are however, workarounds to this. Determine the number of customers using these older browsers and design the site accordingly.

User experience:

User experience is the most important factor that the designers should consider while planning a responsive design. The navigation comes on top of the priority; it has to be smooth and efficient to ensure a comfortable user interface. A site that uses responsive design well, will lay out its site navigation in different areas depending on the browser’s width.

This approach will serve the users with better user interface, leading into increased revenue.

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