Monday, 12 December 2016

5 Killer Reasons Why Your Website is not Mobile Friendly

With the advent of Internet, the world has transformed into a global village due to the dissolution of geographical barriers. You can reach out to anyone at any corner of the world, shop from anywhere; know about other places without even visiting them physically. Thus, internet became an integral part of our life and we started using it more often on mobile devices. Hence, it is indispensable for businesses to have websites that are mobile-friendly. By knowing the reasons that prevent your site from being mobile-friendly you can get perfect solutions for them:

Higher load time

Website speed matters a lot when it comes to making your website mobile-friendly. You can make use of Google PageSpeed Tester for checking your website loading time. There are many ways to increase your website speed such as optimizing images and HTML, CSS and JavaScript code for compressing files and reduce page load time.

Long and unorganized content

Your website visitors who choose to browse your site via mobile devices would get turned off by long and unorganized content. Therefore, make it clear and concise; organize it in points instead of long paragraphs and avoid usage of complex words and phrases.

Not optimized for search engines

As today’s consumers are always on the go, ensure that your website is optimized for the search engines so that your site appears in the top of search engine ratings pages. You also need to make sure that your business website is responsive and optimized for mobile devices. Consult Responsive Website Development Experts to get the ideal outcome in a professional manner.

Complex design

Minimalist design is the trend these days which implies that your website’s design must be appealing yet simple to use. Your website’s complex design could be one of the reasons for not getting much traffic from mobile devices. You can find out yourself by opening your website on different devices, to check the response of its different elements. Ensure seamless navigation for your users by keeping design as simple as possible.

Too many videos

Having too many videos on your website may affect its speed adversely and increase loading time in mobile devices as they are viewed differently on them. If at all you need to include videos then you must rely on YouTube videos because YouTube has responsive embed code. 
Now that you know the reasons why your website is not mobile friendly it would be wise to get in touch with Mobile Friendly Website Development Agency for adept and cost-effective solution. 
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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Responsive Website Brings More Visitors; So Go For It

The use of internet few years ago was just limited to desktops; hence the developers and designers just had to focus on developing website that matched one particular resolution. However, we have entered an era that has no boundaries in technology. Today, a radical revolution has taken place in technology as number of devices have sprung up, which has made accessing internet easier. Many users going mobile have made a drastic change in the world of technology. Businesses today are required to build websites that are compatible with mobile to stay in the competition and serve the needs of their users.

Here are few reasons why going responsive has become mandatory:

Enhanced user experience:

An enhanced and consistent look and feel on various mobile platforms and devices has made responsive web design a user-friendly designing concept. Responsive design is so well made without any issue of redirection, duplicate content, or distort of elements. This makes the users life easy and they can access the internet while on the go. Responsive design is catching the eyes of a lot of uses and may also result in increased conversion rate.

Easily searchable on search engines:

The plus point of a responsive website is that it can be easily visible to local as well as global users. Also, most prominent search engines like Google too tend to showcase responsive websites on their main search engine result pages, which allows users around the globe to access the site by large number of visitors. This global exposure of website will increase the count of customers.

Improved marketing:

Due to the exposure of the website on various devices, from desktops to smartphones, it attracts more visitors. Due to its availability and ease of use, the products or services can be flawlessly marketed on all kind of mediums and get better response. Responsive design can help reach wider audience and assures more consumers.

Responsive design loads faster on mobile devices:

It takes longer than expected to load a traditional website on a mobile device. It has to attempt to render all the content and its elements that aren’t mobile friendly; this will make the site to load slower. Hence, this long loading time will make the visitors leave the site before it could load. However, using responsive design will mitigate all this hurdles and have the site look and feel amazingly well on the mobile devices. Responsive design is no more an option but a necessity.

The above mentioned points are the reasons why responsive design can help attract more visitors.

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Thursday, 22 January 2015

How to Go For Development Of Responsive Webdesign

Since the advancement of mobile devices in recent times, it has become a must to have responsive design that serves on most of the mobile platforms. Businesses with just a desktop site have started planning to develop a responsive design that can work across all the possible platforms. According to Google it is mandate to have a responsive design to get oneself rank higher in the search engine.

However, there are key points to focus, while going responsive:

Website content:

It is important to go with the content that was generated years ago and haven’t been updated since. Hence, it would be good to take time out and go through the site and pin out the content and other functional areas that needs an update.
The next step should be to prioritize the content, meaning the important message or information about the site should be moved to the top of the page for clear visibility on a mobile device. Mobile users don’t have much screen space, and it’s frustrating to explore the entire website searching for important information. Therefore, it is crucial to identify high priority and informative content areas and make it easy to find and risk losing a visitor or a potential client.

Support for older browsers:

Responsive design is based on new CSS techniques that are not supported with older browsers, like Internet Explorer 6 and older. There are however, workarounds to this. Determine the number of customers using these older browsers and design the site accordingly.

User experience:

User experience is the most important factor that the designers should consider while planning a responsive design. The navigation comes on top of the priority; it has to be smooth and efficient to ensure a comfortable user interface. A site that uses responsive design well, will lay out its site navigation in different areas depending on the browser’s width.

This approach will serve the users with better user interface, leading into increased revenue.

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