Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Responsive Website Brings More Visitors; So Go For It

The use of internet few years ago was just limited to desktops; hence the developers and designers just had to focus on developing website that matched one particular resolution. However, we have entered an era that has no boundaries in technology. Today, a radical revolution has taken place in technology as number of devices have sprung up, which has made accessing internet easier. Many users going mobile have made a drastic change in the world of technology. Businesses today are required to build websites that are compatible with mobile to stay in the competition and serve the needs of their users.

Here are few reasons why going responsive has become mandatory:

Enhanced user experience:

An enhanced and consistent look and feel on various mobile platforms and devices has made responsive web design a user-friendly designing concept. Responsive design is so well made without any issue of redirection, duplicate content, or distort of elements. This makes the users life easy and they can access the internet while on the go. Responsive design is catching the eyes of a lot of uses and may also result in increased conversion rate.

Easily searchable on search engines:

The plus point of a responsive website is that it can be easily visible to local as well as global users. Also, most prominent search engines like Google too tend to showcase responsive websites on their main search engine result pages, which allows users around the globe to access the site by large number of visitors. This global exposure of website will increase the count of customers.

Improved marketing:

Due to the exposure of the website on various devices, from desktops to smartphones, it attracts more visitors. Due to its availability and ease of use, the products or services can be flawlessly marketed on all kind of mediums and get better response. Responsive design can help reach wider audience and assures more consumers.

Responsive design loads faster on mobile devices:

It takes longer than expected to load a traditional website on a mobile device. It has to attempt to render all the content and its elements that aren’t mobile friendly; this will make the site to load slower. Hence, this long loading time will make the visitors leave the site before it could load. However, using responsive design will mitigate all this hurdles and have the site look and feel amazingly well on the mobile devices. Responsive design is no more an option but a necessity.

The above mentioned points are the reasons why responsive design can help attract more visitors.

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